Pop-Up Host Guide

Hello Pop-Up Host!

Your pop-up is coming up! In advance of that, I wanted to give fill you in on some important details:

Our Success Depends On You!

As you can imagine, preparing and setting up a pop-up takes a fair amount of time and effort on our end.  While we don’t require a minimum number of orders, we do ask that our hosts make a best effort to get us orders of at least 40 pizzas.  This represents about 20 families.  Ideally, we are hoping for 60 pizzas per night.


We know that hosting and sharing takes some effort on your part as well, so if your popup generates 40 or more pizzas, we’ll hook you up with a free pizza.

How To Spread The Word 


If you want to text people to let them know about the popup, simply copy this link to my pop-up guide:


Many neighborhoods have a block “list”, which is perfect.  If you don’t have a block list or just have a small street, inviting friends from anywhere in town to place an order is something other hosts have done.  Sharing on social media is also common.   Finally, encouraging those that you are inviting to the pop-up to share it with other friends is also an easy way to get the word out.


Template (feel free to copy and paste)

Hello Friends and Neighbors!

The Little Pizza Heaven mobile pizzeria is scheduled to come to our neighborhood this week!  For those who don’t know, Little Pizza Heaven is a pizza trailer that will set up shop in the neighborhood for the day, and sell pizza (whole pies, no slices) to the neighborhood.  You place an order for pizza much in the way that you order from a regular pizzeria, with a few key differences:

  • Pre-orders through www.mylittlepizzaheaven.com are REQUIRED, and must be submitted by 8am on the day of the popup.  They often sell out, so ordering early in the week is HIGHLY recommended.

  • They only accept Venmo for payment (no credit cards).  If you can’t get Vemno, they’ll take cash, but it must be exact change.

  • Please share this with other friends and neighbors.  In order to book the pop-up, we commit to make an effort to spread the word about our popup, so please share!

  • The pop-up is rain or shine!

If you have any questions, you can text the manager Joe at 973-315-7597.



Click here for a printable flyer to drop on the doorsteps of neighbors that you may want to share with, but don’t have contact info for. 


We will bring the trailer to your location typically between noon and 2pm.  This allows the pizza elves to get started with their preparation nice and early.  Making up to 100 pizzas takes a lot of time!  Being there early will also service as an easy reminder to neighbors to place their orders.


On the day of the pop-up, all we’ll need from you is access to an electrical outlet.