Coronavirus Protocols

In order to reduce the chance of spread of the coronoavirus, I'm implementing the following practices:


1) Pizza boxes will be assembled while wearing new, never used, straight from the box food service gloves.  The gloves will be placed on my hands after I wash them, and I will not touch any other objects other than the pizza box once the gloves are on.

2) Pizzas will go directly from 500 degree oven into a box without being touched by a human hand.  The pizzas come out on metal pans, with will be handled with oven mitts.

3) Pickups and deliveries will be "no contact". 

When you arrive to pick up your pizza, I will place your order on a "pickup table" on the sidewalk.  I will then walk away, and you can get out of your car and grab your pizza.

If I do decide to offer delivery for future popups, we will use a social distancing protocol so that I don't come within 10 feet of the driver, and the driver will leave food on your doorstep.