1 Day Pizza Camp


$100 per child (sorry, no sibling discounts)



Any Weds, Thurs or Friday

(first come, first served)


9am - 12pm



Where Will You Go?

Montclair is our home, but will consider other towns depending on distance.

What's Included?

Every camper gets lunch (that they make!), a plenty of drinks to keep them hydrated.  Each camper also goes home with an additional pizza that they will make for the family to enjoy.

How does it work?

Get a group of pizza-crazed kids together (minimum of 8, maximum of 10), we'll come to you with our mobile pizzeria.

Kids will learn how to make pizza dough and sauce, along with their own pizza that will be baked right on the truck and served for lunch!


We'll also teach them how to make appetizers and/or desserts.  If there's time, we'll also do a pizza themed craft.

We'll also send them home with a pizza for the rest of the family to have for lunch or re-heat for dinner.

Are there any requirements to host a camp at my house?

1) Since we're going to be doing the camp outside, host families would ideally provide us with a location that has a bit of shade so we don't all melt. 

2) We'll need access to a water spigot.  We have a sink with hot water on the truck for hand washing, so we just need a water supply.

3) We need your street to be relatively level, not too heavily trafficked, and we need access to an electrical outlet to power the truck (lights, water pump, fridge etc).


Will my kids be using knives?

​No, we'll do any prep requiring cutting or chopping.  They'll only be stretching dough, mixing ingredients, and assembling their creations.

How will you social distance?

We'll set up work stations at tables with no more than 2 kids per table, (siblings will always be at the same table).

Counselors will wear masks when closer than 6 feet from campers.

Frequent hand washing will be required, and only 1 camper will wash their hands on the trailer at a time.

There will be no sharing of any cooking utensils, bowls, trays, etc among campers.

To request a camp date, please complete the form below: